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Welcome to Monicakes!

Specializing in the trademarked "Monicake," we use wholesome and quality ingredients to optimize your flavor experience.

If you love a crispy, delicious cookie with a super moist interior, then the Monicake is the treat for you. We warmly invite you to indulge in our inventive treats, filled with tasty surprises!

Move over cupcakes—
Monicakes are the new gourmet delicious treat!”
- Carole Ann (Chester, VT)

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The Monicakes Story

Founded by baker Monica Willey, Monicakes Bakery brings playful creativity to time-honored favorites, inspiring new possibilities for cake and cookie treats. After much encouragement from her family, Monica began baking at an early age while growing up in Maine. Years of experimenting with delicious yet quirky recipes ensued and eventually led to the Monicake's birth while Monica was an undergraduate at Brown University.

As a graduate student, she was inspired to further her baking passions, and she tested out dozens of flavor combinations while in her MFA Acting Program at Brown/Trinity Rep. After receiving unending support and encouragement from her Brown/Trinity Rep family, Monica decided to make Monicakes Bakery a professional business and share Monicakes with the world.

Today, Monica strives to find new combinations that will continue to excite her rapidly expanding group of fans. When not experimenting in the kitchen, Monica can be found actively pursuing her other love – working as a theater artist and adding to her ever-growing list of acting and singing credits.


A Note on Our Ingredients

If your great-great-great-great-great-grandmother wouldn't recognize an ingredient, we don't use it! Monicakes Bakery believes that if you are going to enjoy a sweet treat, your body deserves the real thing.

With the help of natural extracts to increase flavor, each bite delivers a delicious burst without any artificial components! Monicakes Bakery proudly states that our products contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. We do simple, wholesome baking with a creative twist.


Special Thanks

Monica Willey (founder/owner/baker/eater) wishes to thank her family and friends, Lorna and Larry Willey, the Silly Willey Crew, Jessie Austrian, Per Janson, Lovell Holder, Joshua Shaub, Jordan Kaplan, Matt Steiner, Mandi O'Brien, Matt Meier, her fellow members of the Brown/Trinity Rep Class of 2010, her Brown/Trinity Rep faculty and also the Classes of 2008, 2009, 2011, and 2012 for all their support and feedback.

Most importantly, Monica would like to thank all of her customers and supporters for helping make Monicakes Bakery a reality.

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