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Welcome to Monicakes!

Specializing in the trademarked "Monicake," we use wholesome and quality ingredients to optimize your flavor experience.

If you love a crispy, delicious cookie with a super moist interior, then the Monicake is the treat for you. We warmly invite you to indulge in our inventive treats, filled with tasty surprises!


"Monicakes are scrumptious, good for you treats and something new that everyone will enjoy!"
- Allison (Lincoln, NE)

"I can't say how many times I've been told someone is a wonderful baker; Monica Willey is the only time that the reality actually lived up to the reputation.  In fact, it exceeded it.  Monicakes are original and delightful.  The recipes are a brilliant combination of traditional flavors and daring surprise ingredients. 

Monica Willey is a proficient scientist, and her culinary experiments never fail to please.  In fact, I would go so far as to argue that her baking laboratory will one day be remembered as a national treasure.  After all, if Julia Child's kitchen can be in the Smithsonian, there's all the precedent one could need."
- Lovell (Charlotte, NC)

"It's like a cookie and a cake had a delicious bite-sized love child."
- Ian (Providence, RI)

"Move over cupcakes - Monicakes are the new gourmet delicious treat!  The unique flavor combinations make it hard to choose a favorite!

I ordered a holiday tin of Monicakes and made the mistake of leaving them with my boyfriend over the weekend.  I came back and only one was left!  They were so delicious, he couldn't stay away!  Oh well, will just have to order two next year, and hide one in my sock drawer for a secret midnight snack!"
- Carole Ann (Chester, VT)

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